Solihull Swimming Club
Notice Board

Pool dates have now been updated.

Information For Parents

So far you might have got the impression that the Club is just for swimmers – wrong! Some of you probably spend as much time as your children at the poolside. This part of the website attempts to point you in the right direction.

Punctuality – Please make sure that you get your swimmers to the pool on time. It is important for swimmers to be at the start of the session for the warm-up. If you do arrive late for the session, please get them changed quickly, apologise to the teacher/coach, get in the water and start training.

Collect your children promptly – If you have not remained at the pool during the session, please collect them promptly at the end of the session.

Away Galas – You can either ride on the coach with the swimmers (assuming there are available seats) or follow in your own vehicle. We always welcome your vocal support during the galas. Please collect your children as soon as you can when we return to Tudor Grange. Swimmers returning home after a gala in their parents’ car must inform the Team Manager.

Feed them well – but don’t feed them just before a training session.

Encourage them – your praise and encouragement goes a long way.

Changing Rooms – it is advisable not to leave your clothes in the changing rooms. Always put them in locker (at Tudor Grange only) or take them, in your swimming bag, onto poolside (this is OK at all pools, including Tudor Grange). Please avoid bringing any valuables to training sessions.

Asthma Inhalers – many swimmers take asthma inhalers. Take it on poolside and tell your teacher/coach if you need to take it.

Lost Property – at Tudor Grange, check with the poolside office. At St. Martin’s Pool, check the white boxes located under the notice boards.

Changing Room Discipline – changing rooms are not playrooms and bad behaviour and misuse of facilities will not be tolerated. Parents are encouraged to help us monitor the use of the changing rooms.

Poolside Discipline – at Tudor Grange and at St. Martin’s pool it is a requirement of the pool hire conditions that outdoor shoes be removed on entry to area surrounding the pool. Plastic over-shoes are also available. Not following this may result in contamination of the water and potential losing our use of the pool.

Jewellery – should not be worn during swimming.

Swimming Hats – should be worn at all training sessions.

Put Name on Swimming Equipment – write your name in indelible ink on your fins, pull-buoys and kick-boards.

Galas – take two towels, one to dry with at the end of the gala and one for during to keep warm (or bring T-shirt). Away galas – taking some drink/snack for the journey home is OK, but we ask them to put their litter in the plastic bags provided in the coach.

Why not help? – please see the section “Helping out” in this handbook.

Unhappy with something? – there will inevitably be occasions when things don’t seem to be right and you want to say your piece. A word with the teacher, coach or club official can often sort out minor problems. Anything more serious should always be put in writing to the Club Secretary for consideration by the Club Chairman/Committee. Please do not try to talk to teachers/coaches during training sessions.