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Amateur Swimming Association

DNF Did not finish in a gala
DISQ Disqualification for incorrect swimming stokes/turns
False Start When a swimmer starts too quickly or moves on the blocks.
Fins Flippers used during training.
HDW Heat Declared Winner. This is where there are no finals and the winner is the swimmer who has swum the fastest in the heats.
Heat This is where there are more swimmers for an event than there are number of lanes in the pool.
Individual Medley An event where one swimmer swims all four strokes in the order – Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Frontcrawl.
Judge A person who is checking that the stroke is being swum correctly and who officiates at galas.
Kick Board Float held in hands used during training.
Land Training Exercise training held on land to supplement water-based training.
Masters Competitive swimmers aged over 25 years.
Medley Relay A team event where each swimmer swims a different stroke in the order (Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, Frontcrawl). For 9-year-old teams, Frontcrawl often replaces the Butterfly length.
PB’s Personal Best Times – the fastest that a swimmer has ever swum a certain stroke at a specified distance.
Pull-Buoy Float held between legs during training.
Referee The person who has overall responsibility for the running of the gala.
SSC Solihull Swimming Club
Swim-Down Final session of training where swimmers cool down prior to getting changed.
Timekeeper The person at the end of the lane recording the swimmer’s time.
Warm-Up The first part of a training session where the swimmers warm up prior to the start of the main training session.