Solihull Swimming Club
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Session Times  are now  updated.

Joining The Club

Initial contact is via the Club Secretary or Membership Secretary. We also maintain active links with the Solihull Borough Council teaching lessons and local schools. Anyone moving to the Solihull area, and who is already registered with the Amateur Swimming Association, is very welcome to join us.

Entry to the Club is normally via a trial in the presence of one of the Club coaches. Trials are held most Sundays at 5.15pm at the Tudor Grange pool, but please contact the Club (via email link here) or phone 07549 749310 (new number) to arrange a trial.  Please be patient, we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as we can, but at some times of the year we do get very busy.  The trial will involve swimming a number of lengths or widths, with a variety of strokes. The coach will then decide which section or group the swimmer should join.

Following a successful trial, a temporary free-of-charge membership is offered for two weeks in order to ensure that the swimmer and parents are happy with the arrangements. At this time we also ask you to complete a membership form, which provides insurance cover during this trial period. Membership subscription is payable at the end of the two week period either via monthly standing order or by single annual payment.

When you join the Club you are required to agree to the Club's Code of Conduct, which can be found on this website.