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Pool dates have now been updated.

Time Trial Dates 2018/2019

ASA Competitive Swimming Performance Awards

As of January 2012, we introduced the ASA Competitive Swimming Performance Awards to the time trials and competitive aspects of the Club.  The awards are split into two categories; Sprint (50m and 100m) and Middle Distance (200m and 400m).  There are four levels for each category (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum).  The tables in the attached document list the times needed to complete each level.  Once the 50m/100m or 200m/400m time is achieved for one stroke, a flash badge can be purchased.  Once all times are achieved for that level the award badge can be purchased.  The new system will aid the coaches with group movements and allow swimmers to keep track and be rewarded for their progress.  Times can be achieved at time trials as well as team galas and open meets.

Click here to download the list of times.

Time Trial Arrangements

Club time trials will be held on the first available Sunday of each month unless stated otherwise. Teaching , Pre Juniors and Junior 1   Warm up 5pm .  Junior 2, Pre Seniors , Intermediates and All senior groups to start at 6.30pm.

Each group will swim 2 to three swims rotating through the strokes, please see below to find out the strokes for your group. Pre Junors and Junior 1 will do different events to  other groups.

The times achieved are used for team selection, group movement and sprint award badges, so it is important that members attend regularly.

Trials take place at Tudor Grange Pool.

These trials are open to any member of senior, masters, junior, intermediate, pre-junior or teaching groups.



9th September 2018
PJ             50 Breast & 50 Free
J1             100 IM / 50 Breast /100 Back
All others  200 IM / 50 Breast / 100 Back
7th October 2018
4th November 2018
PJ /Dev                  100 Free & 25 Fly
J1  /Comp              200 Free / 25 or 50 Fly / 50 Free
J2 / Racing             200 IM & 100 Free
Seniors / Perform   400 IM
2nd December 2018
6th January 2019
3rd February 2019
3rd March 2019
7th April 2019
PJ                   100 IM and 50 Back
J1                    100 Form / 50 Free / 100 Breast
All others         200m Form / 50m Free  / 100m Breast
12th May 2019
PJ                   50 Breast and 50 Back
J1                   100 IM / 50 Breast / 100 Back
All others        200m IM / 50m Breast / 100m Back
2nd June 2019
PJ                   100  Free & 25 Fly
J1                    200 Free / 50 Back / 25 or  50 Fly
All others         200m Free/ 50m Back / 100m Fly
July 2018
No Time Trials
August 2018
No Time Trials